Friday, January 2, 2009

Have you noticed that...

Have you noticed that...

..if you order something online & want it immediately it takes its time, but if you order & then go away on a trip, it comes when you are away?

...if you visit someone in another state that you catch all the germs/diseases from the other state?

...that "cold" depends on where you are, in the winter in Florida 50 degrees F is cold but in the Midwest 32 is warm?

...that "cold" depends on age, a child is warm in tee shirt & shorts that requires coat, sweater, hat, gloves for an adult?

...that vegetables taste better as you age?

...that Church & God seem more important when you have kids?

notice (v)
Inflected Form(s): no·ticed; no·tic·ing 1: to give notice of 2 a: to comment upon b: review 3 a: to treat with attention or civility b: to take notice of 4: to give a formal notice to

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