Saturday, January 10, 2009

Little Irritants

Today we were on our way to church to help take down the Christmas Trees; when one of our windshield wipers decided it wanted to be free & flew away to the side of the road.  I went a little way further & started to turn into a side street when our car decided that it would be fun to twirl a bit toward the street.  We made the turn eventually and flipped up the wiper arm (which was scraping on the windshield).  We then went to the local Walgrens which was across from the wiper escape.  While I was waiting to cross the street to see how the wiper was; another car decided to twirl into a 90 degree angle perpendicular to the road.  After waiting for all the cars to pass, I went across the street to recover the escapee.  It was well mangled!

We then decided to go straight home.

After we got home we found out that our street had finally been plowed.  The problem with that is that our street is a dead end street East/West & the truck comes down our side first so we get more snow at our side of the road than our across-the-street neighbors.

I have just come in from the 3rd shoveling of our driveway & sidewalk, fortunately the plow truck had just come again (see above).  Last year, I had a lot of trouble with my back which went out after pushing a little snow from our porch.  This year I have figured out if I bend my back I don't have trouble with it.

irritation (n) 1  annoyance, exasperation, vexation, indignation, impatience, crossness, displeasure, chagrin, pique; anger, rage, fury, wrath, aggravation; literary ire. antonym delight. 2 irritant, annoyance, thorn in someone's side/flesh, bother, trial, torment, plague, inconvenience, nuisance, aggravation, pain (in the neck), headache, burr under someone's saddle. antonym pleasure

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