Saturday, January 17, 2009


There are numerous little irritants at the YMCA.  Like people who go to the swimming pool without a towel.  The locker room is arranged as you come with the lockers, then the showers, then the pool.  To get from the pool to the lockers, you go through the showers.

So they come into the locker room from the pool completely wet, dripping water everywhere & especially at their locker.  So if you are next to the inconsiderate lout, your feet & anything that is put on the floor gets soaked plus the locker room has a very slippery floor if wet; I'm seen mainly older patrons who have almost fallen down.  Ditto for the people who go to the shower without their towels.

Another is the person who when we had benches (now we have individual stools), puts his Y bag (usually the size of a large trunk), and his clothes & 100's of other items on the bench.  I need to sit down to put on my shoes which is impossible!

A requirement of the Y, is to take a nude soapy shower before going into the pool; however, many people don't.

Another is people who sit on the weight machines to talk to others or just watch the TV or the people who do approx. 7500 repetitions on the machine I need to complete my workout.

I think these people do not understand basic consideration.  I was raised to be considerate of others; why didn't other people learn these rules?

consideration (n)  1 thought, deliberation, reflection, contemplation, rumination, meditation; examination, inspection, scrutiny, analysis, discussion; attention, regard; formal cogitation.
2 factor, issue, matter, concern, detail, aspect, feature. 3 attentiveness, concern, care, thoughtfulness, solicitude; kindness, understanding, respect, sensitivity, tact, discretion; compassion, charity, benevolence

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