Saturday, March 10, 2012

American Way

Dremel Two-Speed Cordless Golf Club Cleaning Rotary Tool Kit w/Bristle & Brass Brush Wheels, Model 760-01-BP.

Only in America would we relabel something to pretend it was a special product for a golf club.  This is a generic rotary tool!


On my daughter's blog Never Enough, she mentions that none of her relatives are close (travel wise).  Since we were in the military (Navy) we had to live basically on the coasts, so since most of our relatives were in Michigan, we were never close to them which made visiting either way difficult.

Now our kids are at least 360 miles away (1000 miles for the other), we don't get to see them or our grandkids often enough.

We would be proud to watch our GKs in various arenas, but we have commitments here which make traveling to them difficult.  I wish in some ways that we were like my parents living close to relatives but alas we don't.

I hope the GK does well, take lots of pictures!  PS, kids you can always call if you get lonely or overwhelmed!

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