Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Health Issues

I came across an article about sweat glands in IWON which said:

Remember the seven-day deodorant pad?
It can't begin to compare with what researchers at Yonsei University Medical Center in Seoul, South Korea, are now working on.
According to the British Journal of Plastic Surgery, researchers describe a method of using ultrasound energy to destroy the sweat glands in armpits. The method liquefies the fat layers under the skin, and since the sweat glands are located in the fat, it's the ultimate answer to sweaty armpits.
The energy levels used are low, so the ultrasound doesn't harm any of the other tissues. The method was tried in 84 patients, and only three had any recurrence of armpit odor.

I wonder what people are thinking sometimes.  Destroying tissue in the body to eliminate sweat!  Is vanity so important that we will do anything to look or smell better?  It's like listening to the drug commercials on TV that give about 5 minutes of warnings like "tell your doctor if you have ..."(shouldn't your doctor know?), death, heart failure, etc. for minimal benefits.


On the blog entry Sunday Gospel 3/4/12, I misread the verses, it should have been Mark 12:28-31 not 23-31 that makes more sense, since the wife of 7 is another sermon (as it were).

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