Friday, March 2, 2012


I never realized how powerful I was!

I control gas prices: one day after I buy gas the price decreases at least $.03 per gallon sometimes 20¢ a gallon!

I control traffic lights: when I come up to the light, it changes to red to honor me!

I control the workout schedules of others: when I get to the swimming pool the lanes are full of others.

I control the stock at the stores: when I get to the store, they are out of what I want!

I control the eating habits of others: when I am in line for a potluck, the people just in front of me take the food I want!

I control the fate of my sport's teams: if I watch the event they lose!

I control the stock market: after I sell a stock it increases in price!

If only my power was more to my advantage.  I guess I am just a super hero, I just do for others!

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