Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mishmash Zwei

There are only 10 types of people in the world, those that understand binary and those who don't!


My brother-in-law told us about his friend who had her contact list hacked and the contacts were sent emails saying she was stuck in a foreign country and needed money please send.  Supposedly one person sent money.  As one link said: 

State Police are warning of several scams where people are asked to wire money to help a vacationing relative who has been a victim of crime in a foreign land or a needy family member.
The first scam is a phone call from someone pretending to be a grandson or a granddaughter who was in an accident and needs money sent via Western Union. The caller doesn't give a name, police said, only calling the victim "grandma" or "grandpa" and saying, "It's me" until the caller is prompted to suggest a name of someone, who the caller then pretends to be.
Police said the second scam may involve a phone call but more often involves an e-mail where scammers hijack an e-mail account and send messages asking for money to everyone on the contacts list.
The e-mail appears to be from someone the victims know. The message says the person is out of the country on vacation and had all his or her money and travelers checks stolen and need a short-term loan wired in order to get home.

One way scammers get information is from Facebook pages.  The pages sometimes have info on relatives (like grandkids) names.  Though we are proud of our grandkids, I try not to use too much personal info on the page.


It is interesting how we sports fans, idolize some overpaid spoiled children.  Most of these players have been pampered from early childhood, since they were great athletes (probably the best in their school / area).  Adults listening to the utterances of these "brilliant" boys (usually boys) as if they had sometimes important to say.

One of the reasons that I like College Basketball is that most of these students (the ones who go to classes anyway[students]) are not going to play in the pros and are just trying their best!

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