Sunday, March 18, 2012

St Patrick's Day

We went to a St Patrick's Day party with the Waukegan Swedish Glee Club.  I guess everyone is Irish on SPD.  They served Corn Beef & Cabbage, I am part Irish but don't like either Corn Beef or Cabbage but do like Soda Bread so I had extra Soda Bread.  My Lovely Wife tells me that it is called that because it uses Baking Soda not yeast for leavening.   I had found some Soda Bread recipes for the breadmaker but basically the dough is taken out and baked on a sheet; what is the use of a breadmaker if you have to take the dough out to bake it?

Of the various cycles on the Breadmaker, there is a dough cycle plus Whole Wheat, White (basic), Sweet Bread, Gluten Free, French, Super Rapid, Pasta, Jam and Bake.


A sign that I saw during the biking in to Church this morning:  SLOW Children - I think it is not very politically incorrect to refer to children as slow (and emphasizing the slow shame, shame) perhaps Educationally Challenged Children would be more appropriate.


I didn't watch the MSU / St.Louis game, but did listen to it on the radio.  So I guess the control is only if I watch it on TV.  MSU WON!

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