Monday, March 12, 2012


I am in general a good sleeper.  I get up at 4AM-ish to take out the dog, so I go to sleep very early.  I have  always been a morning person; in college I liked to have all my classes early.  My LW likes to stay up later than I do.  Usually I get up a few times to go to the bathroom but can get back to sleep.

Last night Frisbit decided that he had to go at about 2330, he barked and came sniffing at the head of our bed, so I got up and took him out (our outside temp was about 59F); it was lightly raining.

When I got back to bed, I could not get back to sleep.  So I tried the "sleep mantra" (where I say n my mind "sleep" on the inhale & exhale breathes); that didn't work.  Usually listening to a Pro Basketball or Baseball game puts me to sleep (when I first listen the score is like 5-2 then next it is 45-34 at halftime then next the game is over) however, 1) there was no game on then & 2) I didn't want to wake my LW (who often is not a good sleeper).

So I tried shifting positions; on my belly, on my side (can do that twice); that didn't work either (I usually can't get to sleep on my back unless I am hugging my LW, but of course I didn't want to wake her).

After an indeterminate long time,  I must have gotten to sleep for I woke up at 0400!


I was hoping to bicycle to the Y this morning; but it was raining and I don't like to bike when it is raining so I didn't (except in WA state where it is always raining so if you want to bike you have to bike in the rain [at least that is what we told CA people so they wouldn't move there]).


I did not watch the MSU OSU basketball game, just turned in a few times during the game; so I haven't lost control of the outcomes of games yet!  MSU won!  I am willing to make the sacrifice for them to win (aren't I wonderful?).

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