Friday, March 9, 2012


Today, I pumped up the tires of our bikes.  We have not ridden them for a long time.  The goal is to bicycle to Church on Sunday.  It is suppose to be 60 or so then.

Even though we get 40+ mpg on our new car, we like to bicycle since then we get exercise, we can leave at different times and we save the gas.  This week is "Women's Sunday", so the women do even more than normal.  And my Lovely Wife will want to stay later then I do.  I like to leave right after Church, my LW likes to have the goodies and talk to various people.

Since it is Women's Sunday, only the women will be in the choir(including my LW) and as Josh (our choir director) says the men will not be in the organized choir.

The first bike ride of the bicycling year is always exciting and we wonder how our legs will hold up!

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