Friday, March 16, 2012

Mishmash Tre

Couple of signs interested me:

BOGO - buy one get one - isn't that the way it should work? When you buy one you should receive one item!

Buy Here Pay Here (at a used auto lot) - Where else would you pay? (Assume they mean they would finance the auto.) - Of course I would rather pay cash (if you keep a car for 12 years and save a little each year it is possible).


I found a dead beetle in the track of the hatchback of the new car.  I assume with our unusually warm weather it has fooled the bug population.  I hope we won't get a bad mosquito year.  We get a lot of mosquitoes every year even in a normal year.


We were able to bike to the Y this morning.  It was very foggy, so we went most of the way on the bike path (last time we were on the path it was muddy and yucky, but this time it was in fairly good shape).  Fortunately we only have to cross 2 larger roads and can mainly use roads with a cement shoulder.

The past winter, I was very lazy, preferring to take the car instead of biking even when the weather was acceptable.  So I am trying to get out of my lethargy this year.


When politicians passed the no-call law, they made an exception for themselves.  Since IL matters in the GOP primary season, we are getting a lot of calls.  Some from Romney, against Santorium and some for Santorium against Romney.  Some for local offices especially State Senate and State Attorney.  It is irritating whenever the politicians have laws that don't apply to them (like Obamacare)!

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