Saturday, March 3, 2012

Love & money Stats

I get a magazine from USAA (called surprisingly enough USAA Magazine) that had some interesting stats on love & money.

3 in 4 single Americans are turned off by excessive credit card debt
46% of Women don't care how much their date spends on a date & coupons are OK
41% of women would pick up the check on 1st date
$116 is the typical amount spent on Valentine's Day  (I spent slightly less, approx. $116 less))
$60 is average monthly amount spend on primping  (not much of a primper)
Typical date costs 30% - <$50, 10% > $100,rest between 50-100
91% women say they would marry for love over money
cost of date $12-drinks,$36-dinner,$16-movie,$5-coffee = $60
managing finances in house - 25%-husband, 20%-share,55%-wife
3% of people with spouse or fiance have pre-nup
$4466 average cost of honeymoon
wedding costs $13370-reception, 1290-dress, 3300-photo, 1430-flowers, 400-cake,1500-rings,5130 - others = $26500
$3250 average amount of engagement ring
2.1 million marriages 2010
900,000 divorces 2010
1 in 3 married Americans say recession has stressed their marriage
22% of divorcees say money was cause of the split
$9.8 billion amount of alimony paid in 2009
30% admit to lying to partner about money
cost of education: $28500 tuition & fees, private,$8240 public (my first year was $324)
what kids cost : $226920 child born in 2010 to 18 (college not included)
$1014 monthly cost to feed family of 4
$4294 cost of raising baby to age 1
Weekly allowance: >$10-15%, 5-10 25%,<5-12%, rest nothing

I'm glad I am already married to a wonderful woman and educated and my kids are on their own!

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