Monday, March 26, 2012


We have lived in IL for a long time (almost too long), but had never visited the Museum of Science and Industry.  But this past week we did with our Daughter, Son-in-law, and Grandkids.

We used our GPS to find it.  After the few directions that it didn't like, it got us there.  It said to turn left into the Museum, I wondered where the parking was; my LW pointed out the sign that said to go to the next left (unfortunately I was in the first left turn lane).  So I had to go around the circular drive and get to the exit which said CTA only can turn left (the way I wanted to go); so I went straight and quickly there was a left turn available.  I took the left turn and went another street over (the second left as it were).  Going straight down the street led to the parking.  Where another shock awaited me; the parking was $20; being the cheap person that I am I was thinking of cussing out the major of Chicago (but didn't, at least not out loud).  We went into the underground parking garage and turned right and at the bottom of the ramp, there was a parking space,  Unfortunately there were people standing in it, but fortunately the mother told them to leave (I'm not sure if they were trying to save a space or not).  I pulled in and noticed the car to our port side was very close or over the line towards us.  Fortunately, they didn't leave before us (with the new car I want as much space as possible when I park usually parking a distance away, which was not possible there, plus it is good exercise).

At the top of the ramp was the stairs to the Museum and a machine that said that no parking attendants were on duty and you had to validate (i.e., pay the exorbitant fee there).  Later I used that very machine to give the major his dirty blackmail, I had trouble doing it, being a man I don't like to read instructions but eventually it worked.

We went down some stairs and there was the entryway.  I went to a very nice young lady (at the top of the stairs to the Museum, I saw my daughter & yelled at her [we went in separate cars, they were going on to other relatives right after] and she saw us) who helped us get the free tickets into the Museum (we had bought a season pass to a MN Museum when we visited my daughter last time and they have agreements with various Museums in the country).  The nice young lady told us to start at the top and work down.

Some highlights were U-505 Submarine (the only German sub captured in WWII) and seeing our grandson crash a rocket or blow up a car with different fuel/ oxygen mixtures.

It was fun to be with family there.

The trip home was uneventful (except for the horrible traffic in Chicago)/

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