Saturday, March 24, 2012

Horror Movies

When I was a (younger) child, I use to go the movies on some Saturdays.  They would have 2 features for  a quarter or so.  Usually at least one of the movies was a horror movie (probably what they call a B movie now).  These movies were not as graphic as they are now-a-days.  But they were scary to me.  Usually all of the blood was via innuendo, they would show a knife or whatever maybe swinging down but go to the face of the murderer / monster when it landed.  They would usually have fog with scary sounds in the night.

I no longer go to horror movies.  There are too scary for a delicate creature such as myself.

This morning on the dog walk, it was a very foggy environment.  And of course, I keep hearing creepy sounds.  It was probably the wind or the raindrops falling plus I had my trusty (fraidy cat) dog; but I would look for the monsters or villains in the mist!  Never goto horror movies when you are young (hopefully this warning is not too late for you)!

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