Friday, July 20, 2012

Bike hazards

Intersting (to me) things that happened while bicycling to and from the Y.

Early in the morning, the other day, a skunk ran across the road just ahead of me. I moved to the right off of the road to avoid it. You can not win in a confrontation with a skunk, he can spray faster and smellier than a biker!

While bicycling on the bike trail with my light on early in the dark morning, another biker with no light on pasted very close to me!

Today, while biking back home, two women were walking on the path next to each other covering the entire path, as I approached them ( they were coming towards me not me oner taking them) the women on my side of the path did not move causing me to have move off the path into the rough.

Not only are cars dangerous to bicyclists, but people and animals can also cause accidents.

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  1. We went biking today. As Connor and I passed a jogger, he asked me if we saw the bear cub at the side of the trail. Apparently we just missed him sitting there (pretty sure I would have noticed that, so I think he probably moved into the bushes between the time the jogger went by and the time we did).

    Probably reasonable to think that we possibly just missed momma bear as well.