Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random Thoughts

I don't like flying for a lot of reasons, the extra fees for baggage, etc. the intrusion of the airport security.   This cartoon is what is coming next, along with disembark fees!


My post on Chick-fil-a was not a post against gay marriage, but to show the actual quote of the president.  He supports traditional marriage, he did not say that gay marriage was evil.


According to a report by the WSJ, electricity plants that burn biomass as their energy source (organic materials that qualify as biomass can range from wood chips to animal waste) have received at least $700 million in federal and state subsidies since just 2009, even though they often fail to meet the environmental standards imposed upon their traditional fossil-fuel counterparts.  (

Picking winners and losers via political clout seems to not work!

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