Monday, July 2, 2012

Travel Fun

Presently we are umpteen thousand feet in the air! We are on our way to O'hare field in a US Air plane with about an hour to go till we are there ( of course when you are reading this I'm probably, I hope, at home since I can't upload this until then being cheap and only having WiFi on my iPad and not paying to use WiFi in the plane).

We got up late and lounged around the hotel room and desperately trying to get all of our stuff into the bag to be checked into the plane. On the trip out to New Haven, we were able to get all of our stuff into one checked bag and the two each carry on bags thereby saving $25 which it would have cost for the second bag ( have I mentioned how cheap I am?).

At 1300 NH time, one of our group had arranged for 7 taxis to be at the hotel for our group for the trip to the airport. The hotel people called out that the taxis were there, one of our group called out to me that I was to make sure that they waited for him and his wife because she had gone to the restroom. So I went out and resisted the urge to grab a taxi even though urged by some people. Of course, the people I was waiting for came out and got the last taxi leaving us and another Person to wait. But soon after, another taxi came and we got to Tweed Airport. We got to the airport in plenty of time, as a matter of fact, we got there before the airline people and to wait a while to check in.

(This sure seems pretty boring, I hope you are still awake, not that it is going to get more interesting any time soon.)

We had a great time singing and the hotel was nice, not having to clean it ourselves. The hotel had a loyalty program that got us free WiFi ( have I mentioned I like free things?) and a choice of juice, or coffee ( I don't drink coffee) or tea, so usually we had just juice. They gave the option of in room service or knock at the door and leave it outside ( the option we picked) plus they had various 15 minutes intervals in which to have it bought ( like 0615-0630). It was very nice plus there is a drawing for a new ( latest) iPad which I'm sure we will win, I mean out of umpteen thousand or million entries our chances of winning are tremendous!

Hopefully for the next couple of conventions we should be able to drive. I am not a very good flyer and I prefer to be on my own schedule. They will be in Minneapolis and then the Chicago area. I don't like going through security at airports, I always feel guilty even though I'm not. Plus I always get flustered when I have to take off my shoes and all my stuff in the little trays. Plus I seem to always forget something in the trays. Well time sure goes fast when writing a boring blog entry. We are getting ready to land!

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