Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Hot

When the outside temperature gets below the inside temp, we open the windows and turn on a fan to try to get the hot air out. So we look at our weather station ( actually just the out and in temps) to determine if it is time to open windows. Usually this after 6, but today at 0602 the inside temp is 86 F and the outside is 12 degrees hotter. So obviously, it is not time to open windows.

This year has been extremely hot, normally we get only a few hot days in the year, so A/C is not a necessary. But we certainly thinking of a portable A/C this year.

Last year we bought some Fly Paper ( you know curly sticky paper that you hang up and the flying insects get caught) and it really works. It has an advantage of not having pesticides or having to spray stuff. The only problem is that it is very sticky putting it up.

I just inadvertently pushed the publish button instead of the preview button. Sorry for doing that but I need to go.

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