Saturday, July 7, 2012

Modern v. Old

For some reason I was thinking about the new features on my new car vs. the old car, this morning while on my early morning dog walk.  It isn't like there was any reason for it, that is just how my (intersting, strange) brain works.

New: electric windows - advantages can control all the windows (even the back ones since now there are usually no kids in the back) from the driver's seat. dis: I always forget to open them when we are parked when one of is still in the car; not good if in an accident and need to get out of the car.

Old: manual windows - adv : can operate them when car is off, easy to get out of the car if in an accident; dis: need to get others to open other windows when moving.

New: key nob (electric locks)- adv : can unlock remotely, don't need to put key in ignition, neat feature that just be close to door with nob in pocket or bag can open driver's door; dis: when in parked all doors are unlocked (can actually change this feature but it is also convenient most times) could be an attacker problem, also sometimes forget to lock it.

Old : key - had more keys,  doors stay locked until opened.

New : smaller easier to park / drive but smaller.

Old: minivan - so more room.

New: better mileage.

Old: easier for others to see, higher seats gave better view.

So like most things in life, nothing is perfect and there are compromises!

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