Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hot Day

My dog and I are sitting outside in the shade.  I'm too far from the house to get connected with our WiFi.  You have to be right next to it to see the signal.

He enjoys sitting outside in the shade because the wind makes it feel cooler then it really  is.  For some reason I caused the keyboard to split (on the iPad you can split the keyboard, I guess to make it easier for competent typists to be more efficient, not that it helps me because the size is smaller and I am not a good typist) but I was able to get it back.  I took a picture of him at the top.

( I just tried mindlessly to use a browser to see if I could add a photo from the iPad to a blog entry, remember the beginning?)

Actually I found some grass I could cut in the backyard it is over the septic tank so it must be getting water from that, but it is too hot to cut it.  See the green sections of yard, they are long "grass" ( many people call them weeds, but we like to be more positive then most people!)

Time to go in and get the dog some water!

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