Friday, July 13, 2012


We actually had a little rain today. Of course, I am pretty sure the fact that I had the wash outside on the line helped to bring the rain.

Since my LW likes to go to the Courtyard Concert at the library on summer Fridays, we went to the Y together, later than I like to go when I go by myself ( which is around 0420 so I get there before it opens at 0500, so I can get my workout done and back home by 0730).

We bicycled and the weather was nice and not too hot. I only did 20 laps since I wanted to get back so I could get the laundry done and on the line by 1030 or so. I assumed that that was early enough to get it dry before it was too late.

I decided to listen to the Chicago Cubs game on the radio, it was supposed to start at 1320. So I turned on the game around that time. And they said that there was a rain delay (remember our air conditioner is closing the drapes and trying to get the cool air into the house via fan in the morning) so I decided to look outside and to my great surprise there was some drops falling.

So I got the dog and went outside to take in the laundry. Actually, the wash was dry except for a little wet where the raindrops fell on it. Fortunately my LW was inside a store when it was raining on her way home. It rained a little after she got home, but not when she was biking.

It was actually nice to be out in the rain after getting in the wash, since I had the dog I needed to walk him a bit.

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