Monday, July 2, 2012

More Boring

Well we made it back and are now waiting for our car at the Toyota dealer. It is the 6000 mile checkup, we have about 2600 miles, but fortunately it also is a 6 month checkup. They have free WiFi but it is not very good, coming in and out, so I decided to add to the boring blog entries!

The dog survived with our nice neighbor watching him! We got home around 2200 and basically fell into bed. I actually slept better in our bad bed then in the wonderful hotel bed!

I think the next trip will be to CO to visit the CO Shepards. We have to workout the details. It will be a driving trip so no airport problems.

I was expecting to have to cut the grass when we got home, but we have still not had any rain so the "grass" is just brown and not growing. Actually the weeds in the driveway are getting long but I don't think it is worth while cutting alone. My poor neighbors having such a lazy bum around them.

It is very hot and my poor dog is panting and not very happy. I suspect he was glad to see that we came back from the car maintenance ( it was nice the Toyota's comes with 2 years of free maintenance, which I think was a result of all the Prius brake problems a couple of years ago so it was free, the next service will be in another 6 months the 12000 checkup)and did not leave him for almost a week again!

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