Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Grand

During the concert, there was a very good and strong Tenor right next to me. He is an excellent singer, but he tended to lead me astray during the places where the basses or baritone parts diverged (depending on whether the piece was SATB or TTBB) from the tenors. I would be singing along and his words would different and I would either sing his words or just be confused.

All of the conductors told us that we should look at them. But in my opinion, it is difficult to read the words ( especially if it was in Swedish) and figure out how to pronounce it, then see the note, and duration; while also watching them all of the time! What is interesting to me is that, the good singers can do exactly that!

Today was an off day with only a banquet and awards at night (since they usually don't give awards for the number of mistakes {though that might a good idea so they don't discouraged} I won't be getting any awards tonight). We just took some walks around the Yale campus and a little around town. Hopefully when I get back home I can add some pictures, it might be able to do it from my iPad but I don't know how at the moment.

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