Friday, June 15, 2012

They moved the Store

We decided to go to the IL Kohls yesterday. The wind was from the south so I thought going against it there was better than against us on the way home.

But when we got there the store was not where it had been the last time that we went to that shopping center. So we went all the way around it and even to the next more west shopping center, but no Kohls! So we started back, but my LW noticed as we were entering yet another shopping center that there was a sign pointing to the Kohls that had moved there when we were not looking. After yet another detour ( as we like to call it, a chance to get more exercise, after all men don't like to admit that we have no sense of direstion) we got to the Kohls.

When we got there, we used a $10 gift card that they had graciously had provided us and a 20% off coupon that I got in a email ( both of which expired on Saturday and we didn't want to go on Saturday with the high temperatures that were expected and we had something else on Friday). We bought another black long skirt for my LW. As near as I could see everything there was on sale. You would have to look far and wide to find anything that was not on sale.

The road that we have to bicycle on was even worst than the last time we used it. The shoulder had about 6 inches of broken up concrete to bicycle on, so we had to use the gravel shoulder which was horrible. But we made it both ways!

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