Saturday, June 16, 2012


This morning on the dog walk, I saw a razor scooter on the ground near a house that I passed.  It got me thinking about the various toys that the various generations have/had.

When my LW and I were (younger) kids, the games and toys were things like Lincoln Logs, fake guns (including fingers and sticks) and other interactive toys that required imagination and were quiet until we added the appropriate noise (varoom or screams or kapow or machine gun noises).

My kids had basically the same types of toys since computers and iPods were not very prevalent.

Our grandkids, almost all of the toys (especially when they were younger) made noises.  Either a voice saying things like "to the future and beyond" or electronic noises/music.  Though they still have some of the more traditional toys like Lincoln Logs or clones thereof.

Of course. now a days, my LW and I's toys are more likely to be iPads or computers or bicycles.

The razor scooter is a good toy since it requires physical activity.  But some kids (as far as I know not my grandkids) have those electric or gas motor driven "cars" which give no real physical benefit.

Some of the best toys are bicycles.  They allow kids to get places and give them physical activity.  When I was younger, bicycles allowed me to go miles away to places like the Detroit Zoo.  I guess the world is a scarier place and most kids probably would not be as allowed to go such distances unchaperoned.   It is a pity that they don't have the freedom that we had at their age.

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