Friday, June 8, 2012

Firing torpedoes

When you fire a torpedo at a target from a sub, you have to shoot where it is going to be when the torpedeo get there (since the torpedoe moves at a speed less than the speed of light) not where where the target is when you fire.

When you bicycle, you use the same process! You need to figure out where the cars are going to intersect your path. So you arrange your speed to NOT intersect the car's location. This is a good reason to have sub training, though being in the military is not as easy as one might like.

I went skeet shooting once. I hit the first 3 clay pigeons, but after that I missed all the rest. I started to aim at them instead of where they were going to be. So if you aim at the car, you will miss it unless the car changes speed or direction. Or as more prudent just wait for the car to leave!

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