Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grand concert

Last night was the Grand Concert for the AUSS (American Union of Swedish Singers). I wish I could say that I sang beautifully but honesty leads me to say that I was at best adequate. I did OK on the English pieces but made a few errors on the Swedish ones.

The ladies sounded great especially my LW (actually I was too far away to hear her, but I know that she is wonderful). On Wednesday, the Waukegan Swedish Glee Club (my group) performed "Embracable You" and my LW came up (after a little coaching before hand, pleading actually before hand) and allowed me to sing the last few lines to her ( it was a surprise, only the conductor and I knew it ahead of time). We (my LW and I) received quite a few compliments about it (it was so cute). Interestingly, none of the other singers noticed that she came on stage, but the audience all saw it!

It is a lot of fun to sing with a large group of very good singers. Today is a free day except for the banquet later today. And then we go home tomorrow. After four hours of practice every day, it is nice to have a day off. We will probably walk around town and visit the college from "Gilmore Girls" ( Yale for those not familiar with the TV series). Unfortunately, we are done singing for a while, choir practice and Glee Club won't restart until September!

It will be good together back to home and our poor dog, since it has been over 90 degrees at home!

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