Sunday, June 3, 2012


What is happening to my Tigers?  They lost 3 straight to the worst team Seattle and 2 more to the Minn Twins.  The Chicago White Sox have started to win and hit, but the Tigers can't get a hit that is not from the first 4 in the lineup!

I thought this was the year for them to win it all, when they signed Prince Fielder and started out strong, but lately they stink!

It is amazing that  the LA Kings have not lost an away game in the playoffs!  It goes to show that a hot goalkeeper can win the Stanley Cup.

The NBA playoffs are also intersting (from now on intersting will be my interesting, when I worked for Westinghouse they decreed that employee would be spelled employe in all Westinghouse documents, so why can't I respell intersting?).  It looks like the 4 best teams are in the playoffs and are evenly matched( probably Chicago was one of the best teams until they lost Rose & Noah).

I don't care about golf or racing or tennis, so I have no idea what is going on there!

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