Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Advantage of Forgetfulness

Today, I paid my real estate taxes at a local bank(I tried yesterday at my bank, but they no longer accept payments for the taxes).

 As I got close to home, I noticed that it was very sunny near my eyes! I had forgotten my sun glasses on the counter of the bank. Since we were bicycling back from the YMCA, my bike was laden down with my LW's Y bag and my Y stuff, so I decided to go home first and then go back to the bank.

 For some reason, I am always losing or dropping the sunglasses from my bike(I have basically 3 sets, one in the car, one at home and one on the bike, usually in my helmet or in the panniers), I think I have lost two pairs so far(of course they are el cheapo Walmart glasses so we loss is not as bad as it could be).

 So I bicycled back to the bank and the nice teller when she saw me asked if I was there for my sunglasses and of course I said yes.

But the advantage of my stupidity, is that I got another five or so miles bicycling in!

 I am writing this on my tablet and it capitalizes the first letter of each paragraph, but of course I am use to doing my own capitalizing so I often have to go back and correct it! Oh the advantages of technology! Plus it puts a corrected spelling of my mistakes or guesses what I want as a choice, but to accept it you press the space key NOT pressing the guess to accept it (another chance for error!).

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