Friday, June 1, 2012


My LW's

Mine without the rack yet

We bought new bikes for both of us. Since I bought them online, I had to put them together. Of course, there were no instructions.

I assembled my. LW's first (since hers was the outer most one), so I got to practice on hers first. It seems that mechanical things don't like me. So there was much frustration and sweatiness!

 I looked online for videos on assembling bikes, but the ones I found were for specific bikes at specific bike shops, so they were not for our bikes.

On my LW's, I thought I was done, but found a piece that was left over. So I looked at the bike online that we bought and compared the picture of the bike with the part and found where it went. It was from the front brake lever to the bracket on the headset.

I had her try it out and it didn't fall apart.  I assembled mine (with more sweatiness and frustration) and set the seat where I thought it should go and it was too low and the front brake (the brake that I had to connect) was not tight enough.

The bikes have the type of brake handle that also is the gear shift.  It is my first bike that way though my LW has a bike that is built that way(we bought it at s bike shop so ut was assembled!).

Hopefully, we can try them out for a long bike ride tomorrow(weather is a bit dicey today).

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