Saturday, June 23, 2012

Perfect Woman

My LW after a triathlon
I was lying in bed listening to the radio and a commercial came on the station I was listening to and since I was close to the radio I switched the station to see what else was on.  At one channel, a host (a woman at least I assume she was a host) asked another host (a man) to describe the "Perfect Woman."  Since I just got there I don't know the context, but the male host hemmed and hawed around for a while obviously trying to not answer the question.

But this got me thinking about the "Perfect Woman."

For me the perfect woman, would have to be intelligent.  And pretty.  And a good mother to our children.  And adventurous.  And athletic.  And want to bicycle when the weather was good.  And kind.

Intersting my LW has all those qualities (who would have thought it, I guess I would!)!

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