Thursday, June 7, 2012


I love to eat cheese.

But I went to the doctor and he said no dairy!  This means that I can eat cereal if I want, but it has to be dry or with water or with fruit juice (actually I have tried that when I was not thinking and poured my grape juice on the cereal instead of in its glass, by the way not  I great taste delight).

My first appointment was a few days before we were going to celebrate my LW's birthday.  Usually we buy some ice cream (like moose tracks) for a dessert, but my LW had to suffer without it, instead I made a chocolate cakey thing, which did not have milk or eggs in it (actually it tasted fairly good).

On Fridays, we like to have a pizza, but this is ruled out too!

The doctor sited a study called the "China Study" and told me to google it.  So I did, an intersting (remember gdad spelling!) result of googling anything is that I lot of negative articles always come up at the same time.  Most of them from dairy producers.

The China Study was a many year study involving 100,000's of people and tended to show a correlation between health and less dairy.

So maybe I will change doctors!

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