Thursday, June 21, 2012


Normally I have 10-25 emails in my spam folder, but today I had 125!  There were 3 emailers that sent 20 or more copies.

I am happily married, so I'm not sure why eHarmony sent me 23 copies of an email (I certainly hope that they don't know something that I don't).

I can't remember what the others were for, but hint to spammers sending more copies of the same email does not endear yourself to me!

For some reason my email program decided to call some emails as junk that I receive everyday (this is different from the spam folder).

A couple of emails got though the spam filter the other day including F***Book and Married Women looking for men; I can understand how some things can get thru the filter but not those.

I like to look thru the spam folder everyday or so to ensure that vital (or maybe more likely OK) email isn't short stopped there.

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  1. I often wonder who it is that spam is targeted towards. I can't imagine anyone is looking at any of these emails and deciding to make a purchase based on getting these things.

    I must be wrong, though, because if someone was not making some sort of money, there would not be so many.