Monday, June 25, 2012

Trip Packing

We don't go on many trips.  We have a dog which we have to get someone to watch. we have a lot of inertia, I like home and various other reasons.

We go on even fewer airplane trips.  The last one was to Portland OR four years ago.

We are preparing for a trip now (and it is an airline trip even).  So we have to figure out how many bags to take and how to pack them.

I tried to check in online, which is much easier than at the airport and print boarding passes and pay for the bags (I hate paying for bags, if it was up to me and I needed to fly, I would take Southwest Air, each bag is $25 that we check [it is well known how cheap I am, plus I bet we don't even get peanuts on the flight]).  But the tickets are a group fare for over 6 people and it said to check in at the airport.

This trip I need to take an uniform so I will need more space than I usually do.  I hope to cram all of our stuff into one big checked bag to save the extra $50!

I bought a sport's coat for this trip (the suit I have is from my high school graduation and the "sport coat" I have might be older then that).  I hope folding it is OK (so it will fit).

If we had planned ahead, maybe we could have driven there.  It is only 960 or so miles, so it is an easy 2 day trip.  I'm sure I will have more to write about it in the next few days, so stayed tuned to the same bat channel!

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