Thursday, June 28, 2012

Got Here

After a loooong delay at Philly and at least two planes arriving but not leaving, we eventually left for New Haven and got to the thriving airport. It is one small building and uses signs as security measures.

The baggage area opens from the outside to the "baggage ramp" and the bags are thrown in to the area.

When we got outside there were some taxis so we could get to the hotel, but there were not enough for all of us and we were left with two other people waiting outside with no taxi in sight. Eventually another cab came and we got to the hotel and registered for the convention.

Most of the days so far have consisted of practice. We are glad that there is a Subway just down the block.

I have been going for an hour plus walk in the morning when I can't sleep after waking up in the very early morning. Actually, one of the hotel security guards was suspious of me when I came back from the first walk! I didn't realize how shifty of a character I look like!

Tomorrow is the Grand Concert that we have been practicing for. More to follow when I am not so tired!

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