Friday, April 20, 2012


Some of the titles in my spam folder are "Sexual Married Women" and "College F***(spelled out) Book", and "Gain Inches."  Who ever opens up these emails.  I guess someone must since they keep coming.

There are numerous reasons to not open them: they are trash, could contain viruses,etc.; but why would anyone actually open them?

Who would buy the drugs like VIAGRA® from one of these emails?

I guess I am just naive.


I see that the Blackhawks lost again in Overtime.  I think all of the games have gone to overtime in that series most of them at 3-2 (one was 4-3) .  Playoff hockey is very intense and fun.  Sorry Kiddo (I guess RW and BH both need a miracle down 3-1)!


Gas is down to $3.949, you're welcome!

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  1. Down 3-1 doesn't require a miracle. It does require better power-play performance and shooting the puck at the net instead of high and wide.