Friday, April 20, 2012

Used more than New

I was browsing through and looked at the Kindle Fire prices.  A new Kindle Fire from Amazon costs $199 with free shipping.  I looked at the used prices and there are 19 used Kindle that are more than the new, a few a couple of dollars more due to shipping but 4 at $300, $399, $600, and $999 plus shipping respectively (or rather un-respectfully).

When I go on Ebay, I often find the prices greater than the retail price; some of these are because the bidding drives it up but others start out greater than the retail.

Of course, I am frugal (some, nay most might say cheap) so I shop around before I buy things. But on the prices page for the Kindle Fire it has "NEW (1 from $199.00)" right at the top.

It pays to pay attention.


By the way, I really like the Blogger preview when I am writing these blogs; you may not believe it but it saves a lot of errors.  I write then go to the preview and read what I wrote (it is amazing to me the number of errors that I miss when just reading the entry in the post section) and then correct it and re-preview for a number of times to get to the publishable post (of course I still miss many errors).

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