Monday, April 16, 2012


On Monday mornings, I like to bike into the Y early in the morning since my LW goes in the evening for a class.  I left around 0415 and got there around 0453.  Since we had a lot of rain the last two days the bike path was very muddy.

When I was done getting my stuff off the bike, the doors were opened; which was nice since I didn't have to wait outside for it to open (opens at 0500 weekday mornings).  When I got to the locker room, the lights weren't on.  I looked  for a light switch in the dark unsuccessfully when another person came in and he said that the lights get turned on from the front.  Shortly thereafter, the lights went on.

I was able to get my favorite lane, since I was the second person in the water (the last lane next to the outside, I like it because it seems to be slightly cooler which helps after a lot of laps and since one side is solid and most popele don't like to double up in it).

I started my 52 laps.  I noticed that I was the tortoise (slowest) swimmer.  All the others were much younger and fitter than I am.  Since I just do 3 strokes (the breaststroke, the sidestroke (both sides), and the elementary backstroke), I am usually slower then younger good swimmers using the crawl, but I am usually faster then people near my age.  But today, I was the tortoise; but since they didn't stop until they were done,  I never caught up to them. Don't they know the story of the tortoise and the hare?

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