Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mishmash пять

In WI our neighboring state,  the governor and the LT Gov are having to run in a recall election.  They ran on a platform to eliminate the deficit, balance the budget, and help increase employment.  To do that they reduced the benefits of the state workers, since (they said) the workers should have to contribute to their pension and health care like the majority of the taxpayers.  The WI public unions have bank rolled
the recall effort to the tune of millions of dollars.  The above video is a short ad for the LT Gov.  After years of overspending and rising taxes, a responsible Governor has tried to fix things, but for that he is facing a recall vote.


As a commenter said the mortgage deduction is only on the interest of the loan.  It is large at the beginning of the loan with the principal payment only 1-5% of the payment.


April showers bring May flowers.  On April 1 during the morning dog walk, we had lightning to the north of us and lightning to the south of us and lightning to the west of us.  But we did not get much rain, maybe a 1/8 to 1/16 of an inch.

After that day, we have had no rain.  Rain cuts down on our bicycling but since we have a well for water we need rain to keep drinking water.  This winter/spring, we have had little rain/snow.  How can we have May flowers without the rain?

Also after a warm winter, it is below normal temperatures for this spring.

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