Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thing I Care About

When I was younger (not that I am old now, almost to middle age), I worried about different things than now.  About my job, my kids education, things like that.

But now some of the things that I care/worry about include:

... did the dog poop on his last walk (he is over 14 years old and does not have as much control as once he did).

... how can I pronounce the Swedish in the songs we are singing (especially fast songs, first I have to figure out the correct Swedish pronunciation of the word then look for the note to sing then the speed of the note, but that time others are often 2 or 3 words ahead of me and it repeats again).

... how my grandkids are being left with a hugh debt (US) (we are spending their money by taking on more and more debt with no reduction in spending).

... finding a doctor that will still accept medicare (thanks Obama!).

... how to make our retirement funds last (I am not assuming that SocSec will be around actually I was not sure that they would have been available at all for us).

... if Obama gets reelected how bad will he act with no restraint of having to be reelected (obvious).

Things I still care about:

... my Lovely Wife (obvious).

... our children (obvious).

... will our Church survive (as most Churches, ours is losing members mainly due to old age and few new members to take their place).

... our Country (still so far the freest).

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