Saturday, April 14, 2012

Suspicious Car

This morning on the dog walk (at about 0430), I saw a suspicious car.  At first, it was parked at the intersection of 2 roads facing west.  The lights were on and I heard some doors opening and closing.  A short while later it turned left onto a street that is the closest cross street to us facing north.  When we got to the intersection of that road and our street, I had Frisbit "stay" on the grass (which I always do when there is a car close) and waited for the car to do something.  There was some more opening and closing of the doors, the lights did not come on when the doors were opened.  I thought maybe I saw someone in the backyard of some houses to the south of us but was not sure.

We waited at the corner watching the car.  And eventually it started up and went past us to the next street down from us and turned around and zoomed past us turning right (west) onto the street we first saw it.  It appeared to be Mustang or some car similar to that; it had one of those loud muffler sounds associated with it.  I didn't get its license plate number (too small and was too quick past me).

I later heard it going East on the street it had disappeared to.

It might have been nothing criminal but it gave me pause.  Since ar 0430 on a Saturday morning, there are not that many people around (usually just Frisbit and me).

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