Monday, April 9, 2012


I kicked my Lovely Wife a couple of nights ago.  Though actually I was kicking a Bad Guy/ Monster.  I was having a dream that a bad guy / monster was coming into the room.  I threw a lunch plater at him and then kicked him in the belly, trying to protect my LW.  Immediately after my LW asked what was wrong and I figured out I was instead of kicking the bad guy I was kicking my LW.

I only remember one other time that I kicked in my sleep.  I was trying to defend against another soccer player and I was able to kick the ball way from him towards a teammate.  Unfortunately, I was actually kicking the book case next to the bed.   Fortunately, I was facing away from my LW

Most of my adventure dreams don't involve kicking, mainly running or hiding from the enemy.  Fortunately,  those dreams do not hurt my LW!

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